Niko Mavrikos


Niko Mavrikos (b. 1989, Victoria, BC) is a contemporary artist.

His artwork involves a variety of mediums from: acrylics, oils, drip inks, oil sticks, charcoal, graphite and spray paint. This allows for depth, texture, and bold-vibrant colours in his work. 

His artwork includes key themes influenced from his travels, music, pop culture, and life experiences. 


When I create a piece of art, I start with thinking about what I would like to accomplish and what message I want to send. Each piece comes from different inspirations, whether this be the music I’m listening to, a film just watched, a conversation I have had with a friend, or a place I recently traveled to. The goal is always the same: to create art that I want to see in the world, art that has purpose and art that will still be relevant when I die.  

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